Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dita's Dresses

Out of my four girl crushes, I have to say Dita von Teese is the biggest - the other three being Ulyana Sergeenko, Angelina Jolie, and my lovely friend Fanny. There are many reasons why I love this amazing lady. She is completely self made. No one picked her out from a crowd of wannabes, gave her a contract, money, and a group of people to mold her into what they wanted her to become. Dita started in strip clubs, creating her own routines, and obviously being so good at it that it - with lots of hard work - made her into the burlesque star she is today!

As a vintage dresser myself she's also very inspiring to look at. My favorite eras are the 40s and 50s, and the women who's pictures I admire today are either very old, or dead now. But miss von Teese is alive and wearing all these fabulous vintage (or new) clothes today, together with that old fashioned styling and makeup I adore in the old movie stars. And the photos you see of her are in color too! Wow! For a lot of her red carpet appearances she even does her own hair and makeup! You can't say that about so many other stars of today! This is also a nice inspiration - if she can do it, so can I, and everyone else who wants to! Practice makes perfect!

So here I'm now gonna show you some of my favorite pics amongst Dita's dresses and outfits. Sit back and enjoy! You might want to put a towel over your computer keyboards before you roll down this page though. In case of drooling...

Love the transparency of this dress, and how you can see the garters and stockings through it!

A dream in pastel and lace...

More tulle for the people...

...and feathers!


This is one of my absolute favorite! Just look at the golden peacock spreading out it's plumes on the skirt!

Old Hollywood glamour!

Simple, yet oh so pretty! The thing with making these wiggle dresses look good is to make it fit your own body like a glove. And don't forget to wear the right underpinnings!

This is also one of my favorites. Flowy, pastel colored fabric, and just the right amount of transparency! This one I really want to hang in my own closet!

Another well fitting wiggle dress. Look at the brooch!

The red dress Zac Posen made for Dita, for the Red Dress runway show. A campaign drawing attention to women and heart disease.

Sometimes all you need to look good is some read lipstick and a nice coat. You don't even have to wear anything underneath if you don't want too...

Gimme those leather gloves!!!...And the dress...And the shoes...And the bag...Please?!

Fabulous color!

I love necklines like this! Beautiful! Black leather can sometimes look...well...not so good...Then, at other times, it can look like this! *Sigh*...

But with all the amazing outfits we see this this lovely woman wearing, we should not forget that she looks just as amazing without them too!


  1. Dita is so completely fabulous! I adore her!

  2. I dont consider myself as drawn to women. But in Ditas case I make an exception. Shes so damn fabulous and beautiful. Do you have her book about burlesque and fetish? So many great tips and wonderful pictures.

  3. Has anyone ever told you before you actually look quite similar to Dita von Teese? That's at least how it looks from looking at your profile photo on here anyway. She's a great actress as well as fashionista, I'm a big fan of hers.

  4. Rachel: She's a heck of a girl to adore! :)

    Lillgull: Yep, I got that book, and I love it. Can't wait for her beauty book to come out!

    Yeam le Waffels: I have heard other people say I look a bit like her. I don't agree myself though. Think it depends on if I wear red lipstick or not ;) I have never tried to look like anybody else than myself. But if I had to change faces with anyone, Dita von Teese's it would be! So if anyone thinks I look a bit like her, I take it as a huge compliment! Thank you!!! :)

  5. I want all this dresses :)

    Thank you for comment, my dog then was good, but now is crazy :)


  6. I agree with yeam le waffels;- You do have a resemblance to the great miss von Teese!
    When I think about it, you acctually look a little bit like Ditas younger sister... I think it's the strong shape of your face and the shape of the lips...

    Maybe she has a nordic bloodline relative? ;)

  7. Ha, ha. My cat goes nuts too sometimes :)

  8. Lillgull: Thank you! :) Think I have seen a picture of her sister sometime, but can't remember what she looks like. Now I got a bit curious tho...Have to start digging in the family records too. I know there was a man (on my dad's side of the family) who made silk stockings in the 19th or 18th century...Hm...Maybe he's the missing link between me and Dita ;)

  9. Drool I love Dita and her style is simply heavenly, need to get my locks back to black! x

  10. Yep, she's really something to drool over! :) I dyed my hair black a long time ago. Not so sure I look so good in it tho. I'm pretty satisfied with my natural color. But sometimes I do a color rinse (I think it's called), that makes it a bit darker for a while. You look great in black hair tho. At least from what I can see in your photo here! :)

  11. Ahhh... Delicious Dita! You've picked some of my favourite looks, I can't help but gravitate to the first one. The sheer takes the cute factor of a 50's dress and twists in with a bit of spice. She does classy sex appeal so very very well. Great blog! I really enjoy reading it! xox

  12. Miss Porkchop: I know. I think it would be world news if she ever wore something ugly ;)

    Sarah: Thanx for the compliment! Glad to hear people like what I blog about :) That dress is one of my absolute favorites too! I remember being stunned the first time I saw it. On a lot of other people it would have looked completely wrong, with showing the garters and everything. But it fits Dita perfectly!

  13. Ah she is really one of a kind.. not like this generations stereotype celebrity!


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