Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Even though most people probably spent this last weekend celebrating Halloween, today is the actual day it should be celebrated! So I thought the best way to acknowledge this day - after the horror posts of last week - would be with the scariest post of them all! Naturally here then follows a couple of photos of your's truly - accompanied by a little poem I wrote for a friend a few years ago.

Will you be my midnight snack
Let me bite you in the back
See blood trickle down your spine
Oh, to lick up that red line
If you want my heart to win
Let me sink my teeth into your skin
Angels crying from above
In my coffin make sweet love
Until dawn there'll be no light
Stay my dear, we have all night
After this there no more is
So let's enjoy this moment of bliss
But Death will come this night too
Farewell to Life, at least for you
So now it's time to say goodbye
As I slowly suck you dry

PS. The blood in the pictures is not real blood - what ever you might think of me...It's blueberry jam. Ecologic blueberry jam!

Photos: Christine Engström


  1. Fantastic!! Loved the poem and photos :)) Have a Happy Halloween doll xx

  2. Happy Halloween Miss Meadows, have a good one! These photos are actually incredible, it's almost hard to believe it's you in them you look so spooky and different!


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