Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny ads

Today I'll show you some more funny vintage ads. Last time they were all about losing or gaining weight. The ads you'll see today are completely different though. Actually, they're pretty horrible...If anyone of these ads were printed today, lawsuits would flood against them! This is - with the thinking of today - pretty much as politically incorrect as it gets...

Let's start of lightly, with some toys!

Why not give your child a razor to play with, so he really learns how to shave himself before his face starts to get too hairy?!

Or why not a gun! Ok, I know it says in the ad that this is not a toy. But it also says that it's absolutely safe, and that accidental discharge is impossible. So what's the harm if the child wants to play with it?!

The best thing would probably be if everyone in your family had a rifle of their own. How fun wouldn't that be! That way you could all play together. What a jolly good time!

Lovely ads! But let's move on to some heavier stuff - sexual degradation!

Lucky her! Now he doesn't have to punish her tonight...

Remember this boys: Never take a girl with you if you're gonna go mountain climbing! They will just be "a drag"!

Wow! Amazing! I really need to get one of those bottles. I'm single, and without a boyfriend I never get any ketchup with my pasta - since, as a woman, I can't open it myself. Until now!!!

Yeah baby! Just come over here and blow me in the face!

Of course it's not always illegal to kill a woman! Men get away with it all the time! Just read the news...

Don't forget to take your vitamins ladies! You wouldn't want to disappoint your husbands, would you?!

I totally agrees with this man! Coffee is important, and I usually spank people when they bring me a bad tasting cup too!

Lie down for your man!

While we're on the subject of degrading people, why not get into some racism too?!

In reality there is no such thing as "white" and "black" people. The only difference is that the white looking people are using "Fairy Soap"...

But if the "Fairy Soap" wont do it, you can always try "Chlorinol"!

That's all for today! If anyone feels offended by this post, I'm sorry. My purpose was just to show you the difference in thinking between "then" and "now". I guess "the good old days", weren't always "the good old days"...


  1. Omg! :) So much fun. Thanks! The first ads with the razor and the gun. I'm laughing my head of (and I'm a mother mind you).
    I know it´s sad really and so NOT pc. But I can´t help myself!
    I am greatful we´re here and not there.

    Although the present can be scary as hell when you realise that you just timetraveled back 60 or 70 years. Theres still a great deal of rascism and sexism...But let´s fight it with humour and a god laugh.

  2. This is really very, very horrible—and very, very funny...!!!

  3. Tjohej, jag lånade faktiskt en av dina bilder ifrån detta inlägg. Hoppas det är oki. ;)
    Sno nått av mig om du vill, vett ja...

  4. I agree with you completely. If we manage to laugh at certain things, they might lose some of the "horror" :)

  5. I know. And it's better to laugh than cry about it :)

  6. It's true that these ads are horrible! That said, I really like the apron on the wife who takes her vitamins! I may have to copy that one!

  7. Copy all you want! The apron is really cute...Probably because she takes her vitamins! ;)

  8. Haha! Fantastic! I might copy some of these as weell, If that's ok? i'll link back to you of course!

  9. Copy away! I copied them all from different places on the Internet myself! :)

  10. These are all hilarious. Keep up with the awesomely funny photos, this is good work as usual!

  11. I appreciate you assembling these, my favourite is the wife getting spanked, SO inappropriate. It's one of the many reasons I enjoy watching the expertly anachronistic Mad Men, which depicts the same attitudes and mores.


  12. Things have become so much better for women during the last half century. But watching these ads (and Mad Men) now when it's not like that anymore, I think it's a good thing a lot of us can laugh about it! :)

  13. Love these! If only they made ads like that today :)


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