Monday, October 17, 2011


In sticking with yesterday's theme - Dita von Teese - I have some news about her dress collection called "Muse". This limited edition of dresses - designed by miss von Teese herself - will be released in Australia on October 29th. Further launches in the US, UK and Europe will then follow.

Photo by Sheryl Nields

The collection features five different pieces, including a tulle-layered trench coat. Each dress has couture detailing and grosgrain ribbon that cinches the waist. The collection also showcases traditional features such as in-built corsetry, silk crêpe the Chine lining and silhouettes that are carefully constructed to suit the female form. The colors include "backstage black", "ruby lips", and an original rose print, and the collection will be available in sizes 8 to 20. 

"Offering a collection that caters to women of all sizes is very important to me", says Dita von Teese. "Muse is designed to compliment a multitude of body shapes, so every woman can celebrate her natural beauty and feel sexy in a gorgeous dress.".

I can't wait to see the whole collection! I'm not so sure I want to see the price tags though...Hopefully the prices will be reasonable, so we all can get our hands on at least one of the dresses - with a little saving of course. But that waits to be seen...


  1. I am so getting one of her dresses! I'øø have to start saving as well ;)

  2. Lord she's such a beautiful woman. Truly she's one of a kind, I love her and her fashion sense.

  3. I think her style is just lovely! Sexy but still feminine and not trashy at all. This dress is beautiful - I hope the prices are reasonable too! xx

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