Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday's school outfit

Last week I told you I had found a 30s dress at "Old Touch", and that pictures of it would probably appear on this weeks "Monday's school outfit" post. I always do everything I can to keep my promises, so here it comes! The fabric is transparent with black and white patterns, so underneath I'm wearing a black 40s slip. I thought I would have to take the dress in a bit, but my clever friend Fanny told me to try it with a wider belt than the slim one, in the same fabric as the dress, that came with it. I prefer not to alter old dresses if I don't have too - especially with fragile fabric like this - and with a wider belt it worked really well! This is a dress that's not supposed to sit tight around your body anyways. The belt I used is from H&M.

I almost always wear stockings, but with this dress I wanted opaque black ones, so pantyhose it became! These ones are from "Pierre Robert" - really soft ones! The shoes are the ones I found in NY, from "Chelsea Crew".

I love finding shoes that both look good and are actually comfortable to walk in too! These ones are.


  1. That dress is beautiful! It reminds me of mysterious green leaves! =)


  2. That's an extremely elegant, beautiful dress. It's good to hear you've found good looking yet comfortable shoes, I know that's tough sometimes. Your surroundings look really pretty and bright too, I thought Sweden would be much colder!

  3. Hope: I kind of got that feeling about it too. That's why I wanted to photograph the dress outside :)

    Yeamie: It IS actually pretty cold here in Sweden now. After taking the pics, I put on a coat too. Most leaves are yellow and falling off the trees, but I noticed how green the leaves that ended up in the photos look tho :)

  4. Love both the dress and the shoes. Interesting cut outs ;-) And I adore tea lenght skirts and dresses.

  5. You look *so* ladylike and elegant as usual, you could wear a sack and would still pull it off!


  6. Coffeeaddict: I love tea length too! It makes me feel so feminine! And, by the way - I recently discovered that I've become addicted to coffee too...*Sigh*... ;)

    Cakesandshakes: Thank you very much! On my next "Monday's school outfit" I might wear a sack...If I don't come up with something else... ;)

  7. The shoes are gorgeous! And the dress looks good on you, especially with the wide belt!

  8. Lovely dress. I love your shoes

  9. Ooh your dress is gorgeous! What a great find :).


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