Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday's school outfit

The "Monday's school outfit" post is becoming mandatory here on my little bloggywogg. So of course I can't wear jeans to my PR-class. That wouldn't be so interesting to read about, would it?! And why would I want to wear jeans anyway?...This is what I threw on this Monday:

The blouse comes from "Bettie Page Clothing". The belt is H&M, and the skirt I have sewn myself, after a pattern from the 50s.

I hope you all see how precisely I'm imitating the pose the girl on the pattern envelope is showing. I practiced a lot for this...

It's getting cold outside, and then you need a nice coat. Like this one for example! It's vintage, from the 60s, and I bought it very cheaply from my friend Charlotta. It comes from H&M, but I was a bit surprised when I found this tag on the inside of the coat:

Luhta for H&M. And I thought the collaborations between H&M and other designers was something pretty new. Well, well...

The raccoon fur I'm wearing around my neck is made out of real polyester. Fancy, right?! It has a clip on the inside at one of the ends, so it's easy to fasten around the "tail". There was a little note attached to it when I bought it, showing how you should fasten it around your neck. Beside the around-the-neck picture, there was another illustration, showing that you can also wear it around your head...

I'm not so sure about this placement though. I think I'll just stick to wearing it around my neck...


  1. Merci beaucoup! And thanx for adding a link to my page on your blog! :)

  2. Miss Meadows, after you've been so kind to pay me a visit, it was only polite to hop over to your blog and "check you out"
    I'm so impressed! You have a truly unique and versatile blog. I look forward to go through your archives and get a peek into the world of burlesque and performance arts.
    Love your personal style and your sewing is top notch ( maybe a tutorial in the near future?)
    The coat in today's outfit is gorgeous. Awesome colour!

  3. Thank you so much for all the nice compliments! They men a LOT to me! :) It's so nice to hear that people actually like what I'm writing about. Started this blog in June, so it's still pretty new. As a blogger yourself you know that putting together blog posts takes some time, so it's the readers that makes all the work worth wile! I like your blog too, and I have to say little Rufus has a striking resemblance to my own Saga. Except she has a white spot on her chest - which makes her look like a priest :)

  4. YAY! What a cute bow blouse!

    Thanks for stopping by btw. :)WELCOME!

  5. Thank you darlin'! And welcome to my blog too! :)

  6. Hihi -The attack of the fury friend aka. miss poly-raccoon!
    Love the last picture, and I realy needed a smile right now.
    Fascinating about the coatlabel. Luhta is one of my moms old favourite brands, trustworthy quality.

  7. Always glad to be able to entertain! I'll call her Polly from now on... :)


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